•       Dedicated dojo with hard and padded floors
    •       Professional instructors
    •       Internationally recognised for excellence
    •       Dedicated adult classes
    •       Dedicated beginners and advanced classes
    •       Private lessons available
    •       Full professional gym for your use


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About Aikido

Aikido Kanji Aikido translates as Ai - Peace/Harmony - Ki - Energy/Spirit - Do - The way or "The way of harmonising the spirit". Developed by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) the system involves using an assailant's own force and energy against them to redirect or neutralise an attack. Containing many locks, throws, and the use of traditional Japanese weapons, Aikido is a beautiful, graceful and effective martial art.


Meet the Instructors


Pete Brady 6th Dan

Chief Instructor Peter Brady (6th Dan)


Peter started training in Aikido in 1969 and currently holds the title of Shihan (master). He is internationally recognised for his dedication to Aikido and holds the position of Senior Coach with the British Aikido board.

Sensei Cliff PriceSensei Cliff Price (5th Dan)


Cliff started training in 1974 and has trained extensively with some of the world most senior and talented Aikido masters all over the world. he holds the title of National Coach (Shidoin).

Class Times


Tuesday - 1915 - 2015 - Beginner and all grades welcome
Tuesday - 2015 - 2115 - Intermediate and advanced grades
Thursday - 1900 - 2000 - Beginner and all grades welcome

Thursday - 2015 - 2115 - Intermediate and advanced grades


All Aikido lessons are held in the large padded dojo.


What will I need?

Aikido Students will need a DoGi (White Aikido training uniform) that is available to buy at reception.