•       Central Birmingham's only dedicated dojo
    •       Professional full time instructors
    •       Internationally recognised for excellence
    •       Separate adult and children's classes
    •       Dedicated beginners and advanced classes
    •       Private lessons available
    •       Full professional gym for your use


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About Judo


Judo Kanji Judo translates as Ju - Soft Do - Way or "Gentle way" and was developed by Professor Jiguro Kano in Tokyo Japan in the late 19th centaury and became incredibly poplar as a martial art and sport both in Japan and the rest of the world. Judo's roots lie in the ancient art of Jujitsu and includes Throws, Take downs, grappling, locks and chokes. Today Judo is one of the most practised martial arts across the globe and is recognised as an Olympic sport.


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Class Times -


There are currently no class times for Judo, but we hope to be running a class in the new year (2016). If you are interested in practising Judo please let us know and we will add you to our contact list to let you know when the class will be scheduled to begin.