•       Central Birmingham's only dedicated dojo
    •       Professional full time instructors
    •       Internationally recognised for excellence
    •       Separate adult and children's classes
    •       Dedicated beginners and advanced classes
    •       Private lessons available
    •       Full professional gym for your use


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About Karate
Karate Kanji

Karate translates as Kara - Empty Te - Hand or Unarmed combat. Karate originates from Okinawa in the most southern part of the Japanese and was developed as a system to protect oneself against armed and unarmed assailants. Karate uses kicks, punches, throws, locks, strikes, blocks and grappling using all parts of the body.


Meet the Instructor


Sensei CodringtonSensei Eugene Codrington (8th Dan)


Eugene Codrington's time span at the top of competitive Karate is remarkable. Back in 1974, Eugene won his first of five European championships, then 11 years later, in April 1985, he was collecting his fifth British Championship trophy. He was World Champion as a member of the British Team who beat the Japanese for the first time ever in 1975, and a finalist in the world individual Championships two years later in Tokyo


Some of Sensei Codington's titles

1. European Wado Ryu Champion
2. European All-Styles Champion
3. British Team Champion
4. World Team Champion
5. World All-Styles individual finalist
6. British Heavyweight Champion
7. English Heavyweight Champion
8. German Open Champion

Class Times


Tuesday - 1130 - 1230 - Beginner and all grades welcome

Wednesday - 1800 - 1900 - Beginner and all grades welcome

Wednesday - 2000 - 2100 - Advance grades

Thursday - 1130 - 1230 - Beginner and all grades welcome

Friday - 1800 - 1900 - Beginner and all grades welcome

Saturday - 1230 - 1330 - Beginner and all grades welcome


What will I need?


Karate Students will need a Gi (White karate training uniform) that is available to buy at reception. If you wish to practice in sparing, you will also need protective pads for your hands and feet; these are also available to buy at reception.